Application EXP Foundation Inbound Germany

Before you proceed please make sure to have the following digital documents saved on your computer:

  • Letter to your host family
  • Parents‘ statement
  • Teacher’s Recommendation
  • Health Information
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of school transcripts
  • Copy of yellow immunisation record
  • Pictures with brief description
  • Signed program agreement

Student Information

Home Address

Parent/Guardian Details

Parent Guardian 1

Parent Guardian 2

Information about your life

To help us select a suitable family for you, please supply us with the following details. (Please note that we cannot guarantee a certain type of family).

Please recognise that it creates extra effort for host parents to prepare food according to specific dietary requirement. As a matter of fairness, a surcharge per month may apply.

Smoking is not permitted on this programme. It is illegal for students under 18 to purchase cigarettes and other tobacco items and to consume them. Violation of this rule might result in termination of the programme.

School Information

Upload scanned documents

PLEASE NOTE: Each document can not be larger than 5 MB. Because the large amount of documents being uploaded after pressing "Send Application", the upload process may take a couple of minutes. Please don't close your browser window until you see the message that you data has been transfered correctly. If you're experiencing any problems with uploading, please send your scanned images directly to Thank you! Dankeschön 🙂