Living in a Host Family


\We select our host families through a network of local coordinators that are spread out over Germany. Host families are as varied as the students who participate in the programme. Although their backgrounds, economic means and lifestyles differ, host families all share an interest in young people and in learning about another culture. Host parents must be older than 25 years old. We place students with couples with and without children as well as single parents with children living at home. We also use double placements once in a while, but never place two students from the same language together. All families fill out a host family application form where they give us information about themselves and the reasons why they want to be a host family. We visit all families and interview all members of the family in the home before we accept them. It is possible that students of the same age and gender may share a room. You will be made aware should we decide to double place students.

Local Coordinator

The Local Coordinator is the link between the student, the host family and the Xplore Foundation. The Local Coordinator is our local representative that has carefully selected and screened the host family and is the student’s first point of contact if she/he needs help and assistance with all matters. The Local Coordinator of the student will be announced on the placement information sheet for the student.