Dear valued partner

It is my pleasure to welcome you on board with Explore Foundations MyChoice in offering our fantastic High School programme in Germany. Our dedicated team has more than 25 years experience in the study abroad sector and will provide you with comprehensive support and service, ensuring students receive the best possible educational experience.

Germany prides itself with an advanced and well-balanced education systems. We work with great high schools in all 16 federal states of Germany.  The schools welcome the students to their school community and integrate them into daily German school life to make them feel welcome and at home at their school.

Our academic programme provides authentic language immersion with high-level tuition across multiple subject areas. Students attending our high school placements will find the learning environment challenging, exciting and rewarding, surrounded by engaged students and accomplished teachers.

So why work with us?

The student’s experience all starts with you and together we want to create the best possible relationship. We are here to provide you with all the necessary knowledge and support of our programme in order to give you the best possible platform to recruit students. Believing in our programme, and understanding what makes it so special, will give us the foundations for a successful partnership.

Taking a student out of their ‘comfort zone’ can be a daunting prospect, not only for the student but also for their parents. We spent a great deal of time selecting the host families for our students, in order for the students to feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they arrive. Safe and secure surroundings, along with a caring support network, ensure international students enjoy a happy and fulfilling cultural exchange year.

Furthermore, international students can benefit enormously from immersing themselves in the German way of life and its diverse cultural environment whilst gaining independence, as well as learning how to communicate and work with others. All of which are invaluable skills to take into the rapidly changing world in which we all live.

At Explore we are constantly looking to raise the standard and we invite you to join us. We take great pride and care in who we work with, agents / schools / host families as well as the students on our programmes. We are very passionate about student academic exchange and how it can touch so many lives in such a powerful way.

By registering your students on our programme, not only are you providing them with an outstanding educational & cultural experience but you are also providing each individual with the opportunity to broaden their world-view and exchange cultures with fellow students, host families and community members.

We hope that you find the enclosed information helpful and we very much looking forward to working with you!

Best regards,

Kerstin Weitenhagen
Founder / Managing Director